Commission Guidelines


Reference photos: 

If you have a gift idea in mind please send me an E-mail. To ensure your portrait will be drawn in the best possible quality, the photo you send should also be of high quality.


Quality of the photo, details matter. The finer the detail the better 

If you have a decent phone and the light is good, the quality is sufficient. 

The photo I work from is a substitute for someone actually sitting in front of me as I paint and draw them, which is why it’s so important that it records lots of close-up detail in order for me to get a good resemblance.


Basic Process:

Contact me about your idea.

I will give you a quote based on size, complexity, etc

Send me reference pictures

I will require a deposit

Once the final piece is done, it will be photographed 

Full payment will be required

Painting is shipped!


Basic Pricing * subject to change depending on project complexity/sizing

16”x 20”: $1875

24"x 36": $2250

30"x 40": $3025


Contact me at Tommy@TommyMitche11.com for additional sizes/ quote



For all purchase, commission and press inquiries. 

Tommy Mitchell



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